Swaddles and Sleepsacks, Oh My!

“You should always lay them on their backs”…

I will never forget a nurse saying this to me our second night in the hospital. But I knew back was best and I am almost certain that through my exhaustion I had put her down on her back. Only my second night in and I already felt like a failure. It was not until a few nights later that I put her to sleep, on her back, all swaddled up and I watched her kicked her legs in the air and roll over on her side, sound asleep. Wait, what? Aren’t they not supposed to roll yet?

Josie, from the beginning, was a side sleeper. It goes to show you that no matter how prepared you think you are, the babies will lead the way. Everyone has different opinions about swaddling and sleepsacks, but I did like the idea of a wearable blanket and something that still sort of swaddled her. No longer feeling comfortable with a full swaddle we transitioned to sleepsack really quick so her arms could be free while she slept.


Josie, a few weeks old, sleeping on her side.

I went with the Halo sleepsack. I really liked the first stages of this one because they still had the option to fully swaddle. We chose to take the arm part and secure it around her torso. I liked that that the sleep sack still provided a blanket for her and kept her all snuggled up, while keeping her arms free. Another thing I like about the Halo Sleepsack is that it continues to grow with your child. At 2 years old now she still sleeps one. Once you are in the 6 month plus size it is no longer a swaddle and just a sleepsack.


The sleep sack was dog approved. The baby? Well he came around! 

No matter what size she was in I always had at least two in her size in case of an accident. I used it for naps and her night sleep (still do).  They offer fleece, regular cotton, and light muslin so you can use it in any season or conditions. In the summer months the muslin one came in handy.

Regardless of what you go with just remember you can read the books, buy the swaddle blankets, and practice on dolls but remember the babies will lead the way and the good news is there are a lot of options!



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