Crock Pot Turkey and bean chiLI

This recipe is a fall staple in our household. Simple to make and tastes delicious. Once the school year starts, Sunday’s become my sacred day. I need simplicity as I mentally prepare for the week ahead. Part of that is making simple dinners that I can prep in morning and then do not have to think about the rest of the day. I love a good crock pot meal for two reasons: I can prep it in the morning and usually whatever I make gives us leftovers as we ease into the work week making lunches and dinner easier. This recipe will also make your home smell delicious on a cool fall day!

You will need:

A crock pot

Garbonzo beans

Black beans

Kidney beans

1 large jar of crushed tomatoes (or crush your own 3-4 if you choose that route)

1 pound ground turkey

1 large onion

1 green pepper

2tsp cumin

2tsp chili poweder

garlic powder, seasoned salt, paprika, and pepper to taste.


  1. Turn your crockpot setting to low.

2. Brown your turkey (I always add turmeric when I cook turkey. Usually 2 tsp)

3. Layer your beans (order does not matter)

4. Add your crushed tomatoes

5. Layer your browned turkey

6. Top with your chopped onion and pepper

7. Finish with your seasonings.


And that is it! Let it cook on low for 8 hours (bump it to high if your are pressed for time)

Stir 30 minutes before serving and let it cook a little longer after stirring.

Add some shredded cheese, tortilla chips, top on a hot dog, or just enjoy plain! Happy crock pot season!



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